ACROTEKS, INC. was started in 2001 in response to our clients’ increasing need for high-level technical expertise in order to select and integrate appropriate new technology into their existing information technology infrastructure.  Our clients are experts in their respective business fields and are keenly aware that new goals and objectives should be attainable through judicious use of newer technologies.  Applying technical expertise to meet business objectives is the basic service that we provide.  The ACROTEKS solution will capitalize on the client’s existing infrastructure investment and will build upward to advance our client’s initiative and maximize the utilization of their human resources.

ACROTEKS was carefully chosen as our company name.  It is derived from the Greek “acro”, meaning “the highest”, and combined with “teks”, which is a shorten version of “technologists”.  The resulting noun, ACROTEKS, means Those who perform the highest feats of technology.  The entire staff of ACROTEKS, INC. actualizes our name, shares our vision that our service delivery exceeds our promise, and contributes to your greater success.

Mission Statement:

Our promise is to provide service products that will meet the business and technical needs of our clients.  Our service delivery shall exceed our promise.  How we accomplish this will be in a professional and dignified manner that will build respect and trust.


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