ACROTEKS, INC. offers the following professionals to provide unsurpassed customer service and technical expertise to meet your business objectives.




When your company does not have the specific in-house expertise or your current resources can not be stretched beyond normal day-to-day responsibilities, engaging one, or more, ACROTEKSí professionals can be the most economical and beneficial solution.  Whenever possible, ACROTEKS, INC. strives to transfer knowledge and expertise; so that while our specialists are getting the job done, your in-house resources can be learning from them and receiving the necessary training to maintain the project after completion.





What is a Solution Architect?

The Solution Architect possesses extensive technical and business experience as well as strong leadership and communication skills.  He/She is a master of combining creative intelligence with business methodology and applied technical expertise to arrive at the best overall solution to reach your business goal.  

The Solution Architect can intelligently discuss and analyze complex business issues, strategically identify problems, create and communicate appropriate solutions, and tactically implement the required technological changes.  The Solution Architect is a strong leader who has excellent judgment, solid determination, skillful people management, and extraordinary technical knowledge to ensure the smooth and successful attainment of the customerís goal.

Once the appropriate solution has been designed and specified by the Solution Architect, their role becomes more supervisory, and the responsibilities of daily project management pass to the Project Manager though project completion.

Why is it to my advantage to have a Solution Architect?

The selection of ACROTEKS, INC., as your Solution Architect, is the first step toward achieving your new business objectives by maximizing your existing technical investments and by applying judicious use of new technology.  Think of ACROTEKS, INC. as the keystone, the essential element that completes the structure and makes it sound.  

When do I need a Solution Architect?

You will need a Solution Architect when project success is critical to achieve a strategic business goal.  In most companies it is rare to find an individual who possesses both extensive knowledge of information technology and broad understanding of business administration as well as superlative communication and leadership skills.  To successfully achieve your next business goal begin by choosing ACROTEKS, INC. as your Solution Architect.





What is a Project Manager?

The Project Manager has the excellent technical and business skills needed to provide project leadership on a daily basis.  The Project Manager can assemble complete project plans, define the entire project scope and targeted objectives, accurately report to the customer on the project status, and manage Human Resources as a project team.  The Project Manager is a focused team leader who ensures that the project starts, and stays, on track to its successful completion and that the customerís goal is met.

Why is it to my advantage to have a Project Manager?

Choosing ACROTEKS, INC., as your Project Manager, is the right decision for the success of realizing your new business and technical objectives through consistent and expert daily project management.  The ACROTEKS Project Manager also brings in-depth technical and business knowledge to your project as well as standard project management skills and application development methodology experience.  ACROTEKS, INC. will manage, direct, and lead your project to its successful completion.

When do I need a Project Manager?

The ACROTEKS, INC. Project Manager should be engaged near the beginning of the design phase of your project.  The Project Manager will assume the daily responsibilities of project management for the requirements definition, design, and construction phases (coding, testing, implementation, and training) to ensure successful project completion.





What is a Business Analyst?

The Business Analyst possesses broad functional business knowledge to quickly understand your business goal.  Additionally, business knowledge is combined with experience on technical development projects and strong communication skills.  This expanded skill set facilitates clear communication to the technical development team regarding the definition of business rules and specific functional needs of the new application.  As the project progresses, the Business Analyst monitors the projectís business functionality to ensure the attainment of your business goal.

Why is it to my advantage to have a Business Analyst?

Choosing ACROTEKS, INC., as your Business Analyst, will contribute to the success of realizing your new business objectives through accurate business knowledge transfer to technical staff.  The ACROTEKS Business Analyst can accurately define your business requirements, can write functional specifications for technical code performance, can perform application testing to ensure proper functional aspects, can prepare formal test plans for business customer testing, and can create training materials to improve application understanding and appropriate application use.  ACROTEKS, INC. will assist and support your business objectives along the way to a successful arrival at your business goal.

When do I need a Business Analyst?

Engage the ACROTEKS, INC. Business Analyst before the beginning of the design phase of your project.  The Business Analyst will work closely with your subject matter experts and assume the responsibilities of defining and monitoring the functional aspects of your project.





What is a Technical Expert?

The Technical Expert possesses in-depth expertise in specialized technical design, development, and performance tuning.   The ACROTEKS, INC. Technical Expert excels in component based architecture design, data management, and/or custom application development.

Our Architectural Design Technical Expert specializes in component based architecture methods.  These methods are incorporated whenever possible to maximize code reuse and minimize future code maintenance efforts.

Our Data Management Technical Expert encompasses all aspects of data management supporting the logical and physical data modeling, database administration, and performance tuning needs of our clients.  ACROTEKS specializes in the consolidation of disparate data sources/structures enabling maximum data integrity and simplified data maintenance.

Our Custom Application Development Technical Experts are the most varied specialty area, as these resources are allocated based on the specific technical needs of the client and project.  These specialized developers may poses knowledge and experience regarding specific development languages, development platforms, packaged commercial software applications, or specific development needs such as middleware to support cross-platform communication and data management.

Why is it to my advantage to have a Technical Expert?

The ACROTEKS, INC. Technical Expert has the experience necessary to evaluate and implement the most technically responsible solution to meet your business and technical goals.  Leveraging the appropriate ACROTEKS, INC. Technical Expert will position your project for success by mitigating high risk factors related to new technology and complex technical implementations.  Additionally, ACROTEKS, INC. is committed to assisting our clients in building in-house technical resources through accurate technical knowledge transfer to your staff.

When do I need a Technical Expert?

Select the appropriate ACROTEKS, INC. Technical Expert based on the design, development, and performance tuning phases of your project schedule.  Incorporating the use of our Technical Expert early in the project schedule strengthens the position of your technical team, maximizes team development efforts, and mitigates technical issues leading to project cost and schedule overruns.


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